• As peripheral neuropathy, neuropathic pain is the result of damages of the peripheral nervous system which can originate from an injury or a disease.
    Symptoms that could be observed in peripheral neuropathies are for example allodynia and hyperalgesia. NEUROFIT proposes a diabetes-induced neuropathic pain model to assess the efficiency of your compounds.

    ACUTE pain

    Measure of the normal nociceptive thresholds upon application of painful stimuli remains the most used assay for the screening of analgesic potential of new drugs.
    These assays involve different types of painful stimuli such as temperature (hot plate and tail-flick tests) or mechanical stress (paw pressure).

  • Tail Flick : temperature, time and Morphine responses in Mice an Rats

  • Acute pain :
    Morphine dose response in Mice and Rats
  • Hot Plate

  • Acute pain :
    Morphine dose response in Mice and Rats
  • Paw pressure : Randall-Selitto test

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  • Formalin

    Better mirror clinical conditions of pain than tests that use a brief and high intensity mechanical or thermal stimulation.

  • Diabetic neuropathy (STZ)

    Diabetic neuropathy can be studied in rat following streptozotocin administration which induces a rapid and persistent hyperglycaemia.