• CMAP

    Compound muscle action potential (CMAP) consist in stimulating a nerve fiber and monitoring the response in the muscle. Commonly, CMAP signal is altered in the case of peripheral neuropathies. Neurofit implements this translational test to evaluate the neuroprotective effect of your compounds.

  • Compound testing

    Neuroprotective drugs are usually tested in this model but other treatments could also be considered. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the feasibility of your study.
  • Endpoints

    CMAP time course

  • Validation data

  • Sciatic Nerve Crush injury in mice

  • Model of nerve / axonal regeneration

  • Electrodiagnostic testing

  • Time course of change in the amplitude of CMAP folowing Sciatic Nerve Crush

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  • Sciatic nerve crush / Nerve morphometry

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