• Mice and rats are the most commonly used vertebrate species, popular because of their availability, size, low cost, ease of handling, and fast reproduction rate. They are widely considered to be the prime model of inherited human disease and share 99% of their genes with humans. Behavioral measures are used to detect or measure changes in CNS and PNS functions that may be produced by induced diseases, neural injury, genetic modification or exposure to various drugs and treatments.

    SENSORI-MOTOR deficits

    Sensori-motor deficits are implied in a wide range of CNS and PNS diseases.
    NEUROFIT proposes different tests to study the influence of your compounds in sensori-motor deficit.

  • Experiment used to assay general locomotor activity levels in rodents

  • Performance test based on a rotating rod with forced motor activity being applied.

  • Measure of imbalance weight distribution in freely moving animal.

  • Rats walk across an elevated 2.5m long beam graduated every 50cm.

  • Forelimb contacts with the wall of an open-top, clear plastic cylinder while rearing are counted during 2 min period.

  • The integrity of muscle function is assessed by the time taken by the mouse to catch a wire in the hindpaws whilst hanging from its forepaws.