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Our team

Dr Emile Andriambeloson (Head of Research) and Dr Stéphanie Wagner (Head of Neurobiology) along with our dedicated team of research professionals are at the core of NEUROFIT’s Team.

  • Research scientists

    All our scientists are trained and have extensive experience in their field of work: not only do they all have the necessary certifications and diplomas (ranging from Technician to Doctorate) they all have mandatory training hours per annum to learn new skills and procedures and continue improving current animal welfare practices.
    The team is made up of scientists and research technicians who bring years of experience and knowledge into the preclinical research models we perform in our in vivo and in vitro laboratories. The majority of our staff members have been in the company for a decade or more, maintaining a low level of employee turnover we can thus guarantee technical stability and robustness. We pay a lot of attention to respect the animal needs to express as much as possible their natural behavior: they are group-housed with food and water ad libitum, the cage is enriched (smart home, nesting material and toys); we also do our best to respect a rodent’s biological rhythm.

  • Clear communication

    We are a reasonably sized team, which enables us to provide efficient services while maintaining a good level of flexibility and a close relationship with our customers.
    Throughout their study our customers are in contact with the same scientist in order to maintain clear communication and close follow-up.

  • CNS and PNS disease models

    Our team’s experience is derived from the handling of hundreds of compounds in various CNS and PNS disease models, with different administration routes and with assessments and evaluations covering a wide breadth of compounds applied daily in all the preclinical studies performed at Neurofit.

  • NEUROFIT is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialising in the evaluation of treatments for central and peripheral nervous system disorders.
    We offer a comprehensive list of in vitro and in vivo models covering a wide range of indications.

    NEUROFIT aims to facilitate your preclinical drug development by proposing the best models for your needs. Our goal is to accelerate the development of your programs by providing cost-effective methods for compound evaluation.

Vision and Mission Statement

  • Vision:

    We strive to be our clients preferred pre-clinical research service partner worldwide and we are committed to assisting them bring their project to the next stage in the development process.

  • Mission:

    We earn our customers’ trust by performing the R&D programs they need in order to accelerate the drug screening and development of their new compound. We help clients by reducing their cost and risk and by serving them with high quality services, standards and ethics all the while becoming a valuable extension of their team. We remain focused on CNS and PNS research while providing expertise in other key therapeutic areas.

  • We are working with each of our customer as a member of their team and share the same goal:
    the success of their program.


“ NEUROFIT and the people working there have been outstandingly responsive, accurate and timely in delivery of data, and knowledgeable on models, and professional in their discussions surrounding study outcomes. I would recommend them to anyone in this field of research. Furthermore, their way of dealing with clients is personal and not pushy, very good ”

Laboratory Head Developmental & Behavioral Neuroscience, Swiss Pharmaceutical company

“ Thanks for providing convincing and comprehensive experimental results which really helps the team as we are trying to address the feedback resulting from the publication. We really appreciate and value your expertise, thoughtfulness and ability to produce a well-controlled study ”

Neuroscience group, German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company 

“ I would like to thank NEUROFIT especially you for the very nice time working with you; it felt like a really nice colleague ”

Study Director Pharmacology, American health care company 

“ Your tremendous good will in proceeding forward with all aspects of the study is much appreciated. As far as I'm concerned, any future studies that can be performed at Neurofit, will be run at Neurofit ”

Director of Molecular Pharmacology and SAR, Danish pharmaceutical corporation

“ This is a really beautiful and in depth analysis of the histopathology of the nerve crush study. I appreciate the amount of time and effort your group put into this type of rigorous analysis ”

Therapeutic Area Head, US Pharma company 

“ We were very impressed with the speed and quality of the data that you provided following our previous collaboration ”

Scientific officer, Danish Pharma company

“ The data looks really great again so many thanks to the team ”

Head of Pharmacology, Large Swiss Biotech company

“ Let me state again how happy we are with the data and the quality of the results ”

Chief of Business Operations, Small German Pharma company

“ Thanks once again for such prompt feedback. As you know I am a big fan of NEUROFIT and will do my best to place the work with you when the time comes ”

Principal Scientist, Canadian Biotech company

“ Rapid communication, initiation of study and turnaround of report. Very easy interactions and would use again. Thanks ”

Research Scientist, Swiss pharmaceutical company