• The use of many drugs for the treatment of mental disorders is still limited by the presence of clinically undesirable side-effects. Thus, the discovery of CNS effective drugs which are without significant side-effects remains the main challenge for pharmaceutical industries.

Scopolamine elicits a dose-dependent decrease in spontaneous alternation of mice in the T-MAZE. Scopolamine treatment causes deficit in the mice during the T-Maze alternation task.
  • The OPEN-FIELD test is an experiment used to assay general locomotor activity levels in rodents

  • The ROTAROD is a performance test based on a rotating rod with forced motor activity being applied.

    Rotarod device set at 12 rpm. If the mouse falls off the rod before 180 s, the time is recorded and two additional trials are conducted.

The integrity of muscle function is assessed by the time taken by the mouse to catch a wire in the hindpaws whilst hanging from its forepaws.

  • Mean time score (left panel) and percentage of success (right panel) of diazepam-treated mice over 3 successive trials in the wire-hanging test.

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