• Mice and rats are the most commonly used vertebrate species, popular because of their availability, size, low cost, ease of handling, and fast reproduction rate. They are widely considered to be the prime model of inherited human disease and share 99% of their genes with humans. Behavioral measures are used to detect or measure changes in CNS and PNS functions that may be produced by induced diseases, neural injury, genetic modification or exposure to various drugs and treatments.


    NEUROFIT offers several cognition test to assess the efficacy of your compounds. All our tests are run routinely by our experts who are also available to provide you advices in the design of your experiment. Our goal is to provide you the most relevant data following your needs.

  • The T-maze continuous alternation task (T-CAT) is among the method implemented to evaluate the spatial exploratory performance in mice.

  • Passive Avoidance is a fear-aggravated test used to assess short or long-term memory.

  • Object recognition task in rodents is considered a test for evaluating working memory in rodents.