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NEUROFIT is a pre-clinical CRO offering set of in vitro and in vivo screening assays for psychiatry, neurology, multiple sclerosis and pain.
NEUROFIT's repertoire of screening tests is extensive and a full catalogue can be found on THERAPEUTIC AREA or TESTS with reference data.

FEPS 2017

Federation of European Physiological Societies.
Dynamic Weight Bearing test for assessing effects of acute intramuscular administration of botulinum neurotoxin type A1 in the rat.

S.Cornet · C.Périer · L.Gorj · S.Wagner · E.Andriambeloson · B.Pouzet · M.Kalinichev


Models / Assays overview.

Our team of experts elaborates new models to propose relevant issues to current drug development and to reach at best the customer’s needs.

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