Carrageenan mouse air pouch

  • Presentation

    Acute inflammation is a direct response of a tissue to injury. Inflammation is often characterized by symptoms such as redness, heat, swelling and/or pain.
    The carrageenan mouse air pouch is an in vivo model that can be used to study acute and chronic inflammation. The inflammatory reaction is characterized by an infiltration of cells and an increase of pro-inflammatory mediators.

    This model is extensively used to evaluate potential anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory drugs.

  • Compound testing

    Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory drugs are usually tested in this model but other treatments could also be considered. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the feasibility of your study.
  • Endpoints

    Exudat volume
    Leukocyte count
    Cell count
  • Convenient in-vivo assay to simplify the screening of anti-inflammatory compounds

  • Highlights :

    Shares similarities with the synovial cavity/fluid
    Provides insight to the underlying mechanism (type of Leukocytes involved)
    Short turn-around, high degree of reproducibility

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