Preclinical use of electrodiagnostic testing

Newsletter # 27

Animal models

Nerve conductions and electromyography studies (also called electrodiagnostic testing) are widely used clinical practices for the assessment of symptoms resulting from nerve injury or muscle pathology. This clinical tool is also very useful in preclinical practice for monitoring peripheral nerve or muscle function in various animal models of peripheral neuropathy or nerve injuries.

  • Disease models that implement electrodiagnostic testings :
    Sciatic nerve crush in mice
    Diabetic neuropathy in the rat
  • Furthermore, combining electrodiagnostic findings with nerve histo-morphometry data is very instrumental in characterizing the development and the severity of peripheral nerve diseases.

  • Published articles that implement Neurofit's electrodiagnostic expertises:

  • Treatment with Actovegin® Improves Sensory Nerve Function and Pathology in Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats via Mechanisms Involving Inhibition of PARP Activation.
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  • Neuromuscular defects and breathing disorders in a new mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy.
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  • Specific antinociceptive activity of cholest-4-en-3-one, oxime (TRO19622) in experimental models of painful diabetic and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.
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  • Interleukin-6 protects against paclitaxel, cisplatin and vincristine-induced neuropathies without impairing chemotherapeutic activity.
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  • Identification and characterization of cholest-4-en-3-one, oxime (TRO19622), a novel drug candidate for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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  • Functional overlap between ABCD1 (ALD) and ABCD2 (ALDR) transporters: a therapeutic target for X-adrenoleukodystrophy..
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  • Interleukin-6 attenuates the development of experimental diabetes-related neuropathy..
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