Animal Model of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Newsletter # 35

Animal models

Painful diabetic neuropathy can be studied in rat within weeks following Streptozotocin administration. Diabetic rats show allodynia and hyperalgesia analogous to the clinical conditions of painful diabetic neuropathy. In addition, pain in diabetic rats is caused by damage to the peripheral nerves as evidenced by progressive loss of intra-epidermal fibers (IENF) in the skin of plantar foot.

Since current treatment of PDN shows limited therapeutic value and variable response, there is thus a clear need to develop effective drugs for patients. Neurofit has long experiences with the evaluation of the efficacy of test compounds in the model of painful diabetic neuropathy in the rat.

  • IENF

    Within the skin, IENF (white arrows) branch perpendicularly from dermal nerve bundle (white arrows). IENF are the first nerve fibers to disappear following diabetes insult.

  • Warm plate test

    Anti-allodynic effect of morphine in diabetic rats as assessed in warm plate test (42°C).

  • Paw pressure test

    Anti-hyperalgesic effect of morphine in diabetic rats as assessed in paw pressure test (Randall & Sellito analgesimeter).

NEUROFIT offers a range of validated in vitro and in vivo screening tests for psychiatry and neurology.

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