A clinically translatable rat model of Panic Anxiety

Newsletter # 53

Animal models

NEUROFIT is very proud that its CCK-4 challenge model in rat has predicted the anti-panic and anxiolytic potential of BNC210 in CCK-4-challenged healthy volunteers and in Generalised Anxiety Disorder patients, respectively.
The Neurofit model of panic anxiety is performed in the rat challenged with CCK-4 and monitored in the Elevated Plus Maze. In line with the clinical finding, benzodiazepines restore the panic anxiety status of CCK-4 rats to the level of control animals.

The model is cost effective and has a short turn around time.

  • *, p < 0.05, as compared to the placebo treatment

  • CCK-4 injection made the animals anxious as shown by the significantly reduced time spent (or number of entries) into the open arms of the maze.

    In animals treated with Diazepam, the effects of CCK-4 were reversed and their performance was restored to the level of the control animals.

NEUROFIT offers a range of validated in vitro and in vivo screening tests for psychiatry and neurology.

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