Intranasal drug administration in a classical
translational model of cognitive deficits

Newsletter # 68

Animal models

Intranasal administration is a non-invasive approach of delivering therapeutic agents directly to the central nervous system. Drug delivery occurs quickly along both the olfactory and trigeminal neural pathways via an extracellular route.

This method shows several advantages

it allows large molecules that do not cross the blood-brain barrier access to the brain,
it reduces systemic exposure,
it facilitates chronic treatment protocols,
It is already employed in various medical conditions or diseases.
  • Intranasal Donepezil administration reverses cognitive deficit induced by Scopolamine

  • Here we provide data that proves the efficiency of intranasal administration approach in a cognitive deficit model routinely used at NEUROFIT

    Donepezil treatment through intranasal administration clearly reverses scopolamine-induced deficit with a marked dose-effect.

    The results are reliable to the results previously obtained with Donepezil in oral administration.

    Intranasal administration is a valuable alternative to ICV approach, acute or repeated, with or without pump.

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