Preclinical model of Allergic contact dermatitis:
Calcipotriol (topic) and Apremilast (per os)

Newsletter # 67

Animal models

Contact dermatitis is adverse cutaneous reaction resulting from direct contact with irritant or allergic substances. The skin reaction is an inflammation-driven process characterized by swollen itchy red rash or rough and dry skin. Several routes of administration are possible for the treatment.
For example, topical Calcipotriol or oral Apremilast is commonly used treatment for plaque psoriasis.

To maximize the translational power of preclinical tests, implementation of intended route of administration in human is highly advised in preclinical testing.

  • Oxazolone induced-allergic contact dermatitis is a preclinical model routinely used at NEUROFIT for identifying potential anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating drugs.
    The model has been validated with topical Calcipotriol and oral Apremilast.

  • Calcipotriol

    *** , statistically significant as compared to the Control condition

    Topical application of Calcipotriol
    markedly reduced the ear inflammation (red bars)

  • Apremilast

    *** , statistically significant as compared to the Control condition

    Per os treatment with Apremilast
    markedly reduced the ear inflammation (red bars)

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