Riluzole, a medication for ALS

Newsletter # 75

In vitro studies

Riluzole is one of two medications used to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (a form of motor neuron disease) although their impact on the symptom and patient survival remains very mild. ALS is characterised by progressive degeneration of the motor neurons of the brain, brain stem or spinal cord.

As of yet, there is no efficient available treatment to stop or reverse the course of this disease.

Neurofit has two in vitro models / assays that are able to demonstrate the beneficial effect of Riluzole on nerve cells:

  • Neurite outgrowth is involved in both neuronal development and repairs.
    Riluzole has a stimulative effect on the number and length of neurite in motor neurons.

NEUROFIT offers a range of validated in vitro and in vivo screening tests for psychiatry and neurology.

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