Elevated plus maze (EPM)

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A rodent anxiety model

NEUROFIT uses the Elevated plus maze (EPM) to measure the anxiety status of laboratory animals. This test is useful for the screening of putative anxiolytics or for detecting the side effect (anxiogenic effect) of compounds. To be used as an anxiety model, the test paradigm relies upon rodent's unconditioned approach - avoidance conflict the approach - avoidance conflict toward open / bright space.

Recent experiments in healthy subjects demonstrate the development of fear-avoidance behaviors as seen in rodent EPM and thus support the cross-species translational value of this test paradigm. ( * ) Biedermann et al. (2017)

  • Neurofit has tailored the EPM paradigm to improve its sensitivity towards anxiolytic or anxiogenic screening.

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  • LIRAGLUTIDE : anxiogenic effects
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    Liraglutide shows anxiogenic effects in the EPM as shown by the animal spending less time in the open arms than control

  • DIAZEPAM : anxiolytic effect
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    Anxiolytic drugs such as benzodiazepines increase the time spent in the open arms than control

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