Neurite outgrowth evaluation on primary neuronal culture

Newsletter # 39

Cellular models

Neuritogenesis is a critical aspect of neuronal maturation, health, plasticity and regeneration. Measure of neuritogenesis including neurite outgrowth is instrumental for the screening of neuromodulatory, neuroprotective, neuroregenerative as well as neurotoxic effect of compounds.

Representation of measured parameters

NEUROFIT conducts a fully automated analysis of neuritogenesis in 96 well plate of primary neuron cultures, which enables the quantification of :

the number of promoted neurite per neuron
the total neurite length per neuron
the length of each major neuron with or without its branches
the number of branch points

  • Example of the effect of treatment on neuritogenesis. BDNF is a brain derived neurotrophin; donepezil (Aricept®) is a centrally active small molecule used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and different cognitive disorders
  • Immuno-labelling of a primary neuronal culture

    The blue colour represents the nucleus (DAPI staining) and the green the neuronal cytoskeleton (tubuline detection).
    Bar = 100 µm

  • Example of neuron scaffold detected during neuritogeneis analysis

    Neuronal cytoplasm is circle in blue, neurites are outline in purple, branch point is indicated by a orange dot and red circle represents excluded object
    (border line neurons for exemple)

NEUROFIT offers a range of validated in vitro and in vivo screening tests for psychiatry and neurology.

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