Neurocellular model of Parkinson's disease - MPP+ neurotoxicity in dopaminergic neurons

Newsletter # 61

Cellular models

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder with motor symptoms caused by the death of dopaminergic (DOPA) neurons in the substantia nigra. MPP+ is the active metabolite of MPTP, a neurotoxin that causes parkinsonism in humans and animals through selective damage of DOPA neurons. Similarly to the in-vivo situation, MPP+ induces a selective death of DOPA neurons in primary cultures of rat mesencephalic brain neurons.

This cellular model can be used to test the neuroprotective effect of your compound, evaluated through its ability to inhibit the death of DOPA neurons in cultures.

  • Selective Neurotoxicity of MPP+

  • Neuroprotective effect of neurotrophins

  • Reduced number of DOPA neurons ( ■ ) and overall cell viability (MTT assay,  ) in mesencephalic neuron culture in response to increasing concentration of MPP+

  • Prevention of MPP+-induced dopaminergic neurons death by pretreatment with mixture of BDNF-GDNF

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